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- Laurie Ann

I’m Laurie Ann Martin, a Sonoma County photographer with a love for animals, the outdoors and weddings! In my leisure time, I am either riding my horse, King, soaking up the fresh air on a hike with my man or gardening in my backyard, growing beautiful flowers for the bees. Thanks for stopping by!

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This was so eloquently written and I really relate to it. I know in my heart this will pass and somehow we will be stronger and better from it.

You Are Not Alone

There is no question that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of our lives and it will continue to affect our daily lives for some time to come. As a photographer I have seen my business go from what I expected to be my best year yet to nothing. I has been heartbreaking only being able to stand in the sidelines watching as the events unfold and the bookings that I had in the diary simply disappear almost daily.

The important thing that I need to remember as I face another month without any income is that I am not alone. As photographers it doesn’t matter what genre you specialize in, everyone is affected.

“Christopher James Hall” Photography

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