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- Laurie Ann

I’m Laurie Ann Martin, a Sonoma County photographer with a love for animals, the outdoors and weddings! In my leisure time, I am either riding my horse, King, soaking up the fresh air on a hike with my man or gardening in my backyard, growing beautiful flowers for the bees. Thanks for stopping by!

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I own a horse. His name is King he is a 17.2 Thoroughbred with a heart of gold. I didn’t grown up riding horses. I moved to Northern California from Southern California about 12 years ago. I started helping at a horse rescue ranch as a volunteer. King was one of the horses there. I adopted him and really still didn’t know much about horses. He wasn’t the perfect horse for me because he was green and so was I. lst of all thoroughbreds are really not for the beginners. He is so big and had so much spirit. I started lessons and we learned together. I have had about 4 different trainers and have watched numerous videos. You take what you like from the different trainers and leave the rest behind. I thank each and everyone of them for the different elements to making me feel more confident in my riding. I am still a beginner but my horse is so amazing he watches out for me. He doesn’t let me get carried away and go too fast. Probably the most negative down fall of the big boy is he is a little frightened of the monsters out there on the trails. We are working to overcome his fears by slowly going a little farther when we ride out on the ranch where I board him Cole Creek Equestrian Center in Kelseyville Ca. He has helped me gain confidence as a person and become a much more calm soul. Thank you for listening. Here are some pics of my boy.

He loves to ride in a Bosal.
King and I
In the arena at Cole Creek
Out in the field with his friend Hank. His favorite place to be.

A great read on how horses are therapy for people.

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