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- Laurie Ann

Horses, children laughing, raspberry chocolate coffee, country music, Gwen Stephanie, rainy days, and ocean breezes

hello + welcome!

Malena is such a beauty inside and out. We photographed her senior portrait session in the forest. I have been taking her sports photos for years now and she is a senior. It’s so wild when they move from teenager to adult. She’s so beautiful, an amazing athlete, and has time to be involved in K-core that makes a huge difference in our small community. K-core is a program set up that helps to find lost people, they actually go into woods and terrain and save people. They help with community events and learn all about survival techniques. This young lady is going places.

Beautiful Malena
She is a member of K-core a program that was started in Kelseyville.
Melena playing for Kelseyville Knights.

These two have been besties forever. They play all sports together and are high achievers at everything they do.

She lives in Lake County so we took some beautiful photos on the Lake.

photographer –

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