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Patrick & Laney, Sweet Snow Couple In Boulder Colorado

High School sweethearts that tied the knot in Boulder Colorado. They wanted something different, scenic and beautiful so they picked . This is the brides story quoted by Laney ” We had been to two different Wedgewoods that were close to home, and we loved the packages and services that the company offered but the venues themselves didn’t seem right for us. So Patrick was looking on their website and saw that they had venues in Colorado, he looked at the Boulder Creek venue and said he found a beautiful venue that he knew I would fall in love with, but he was nervous to show me because it was out of state…he was right! I fell in love with it, and we FaceTimed the venue and booked it over the phone without seeing it in person until the day before the wedding! We definitely took a chance, but we both feel like it really paid off! “

It was an amazing day with snow on the ground but not too cold with the sun shinning. We spent the weekend checking out the town and what a great place to vacation. The bride is actually my best friends niece so I was blessed to be a part of this celebration.

Laney & Patrick married next to a stream. Florals by Painted Primrose.
Gorgeous Vintage

Debonair Patrick
Fairy Tale wedding portrait.
Beautiful Laney
She was a dancer and wanted a dance pose in her romantic photos.
Getting ready shot of groom with father watching.

Its about time.
Sweet girls before wedding
Bride walking down the aisle with dad.
Happy bliss during ceremony.
Mom with her four daughters on wedding day.

Black & White romantic Bride and Groom.
Love this pic of happy groom Patrick.
Earmuffs & Mittens arent they the sweetest!
Romantic snow wedding.
Bride & Groom bundling up from the cold.
Beautiful wedding in Boulder Colorado.
Choreographed lst dance.
La Mars Donuts is the in thing right now at weddings.
And of course her friends were dancers.

I'm a Northern California wedding photographer that has the most amazing  career because I am blessed to capture my couples hearts and share their love stories.   I love rom-coms,
 riding my horses, working in my garden, rock hounding, hiking and anything in nature that lets my soul breathe.


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Northern California Wedding Photographer

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So this is your lst real professional photography session together.  Here are a few tips to make it spectacular.

8 tips to prepare you for your engagement session

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So this is your first professional photo shoot together as a couple.  Here are are some tips to make it spectacular.

8 Tips To prepare you for your engagement session

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