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Brayden Eli Zimmerman is Here. My Sweet Grandson.

I had the special privilege to be a part of my grandson’s birth. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. He is now about 6 weeks old born on Saturday February 9th about 1:24 pm in the afternoon less than 12 hours labor from start to finish. He weighed in at a perfect 7 lbs 5 ounces and 18:25 Length. We arrived at the natural birthing center about 5:30 am. It was my daughter’s lst baby so she did so awesome and handled it like a champ. Her fiance Mike was so incredible coach and helped her relax and make it through. I am so blessed to have all of them in my life. The mid wives at the were so amazing. There was a slight complication with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck but they handled it like clock work even though I as grandma was so stressed about that. Also for a moment they couldn’t get her uterus to contract so she was bleeding a little more than usual (yes this stressed me more) but they knew exactly what to do and the energy in the room changed to serious for about 8 minutes and then it was back to perfect. Those midwives amazed me. I am so grateful for their expertise and taking care of my lst born and my new grandson. My daughter was never aware there were any complications. I learned more about birth than I ever knew having my two beautiful children. I am going to share Brayden Eli’s birthing photos (some were too intimate to show) and his lst day of life. I hope you love the photos cause I cant stop looking at them!

I'm a Northern California wedding photographer that has the most amazing  career because I am blessed to capture my couples hearts and share their love stories.   I love rom-coms,
 riding my horses, working in my garden, rock hounding, hiking and anything in nature that lets my soul breathe.


hi, i'm Laurie Ann

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So this is your lst real professional photography session together.  Here are a few tips to make it spectacular.

8 tips to prepare you for your engagement session

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So this is your first professional photo shoot together as a couple.  Here are are some tips to make it spectacular.

8 Tips To prepare you for your engagement session

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