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- Laurie Ann

Horses, romance, children laughing, raspberry chocolate coffee, country music, Gwen Stephanie, Lake County Diamond hunting.

hello + welcome!

What an amazing summer day at the Boatique winery in Kelseyville. This was such an inspirational wedding with a family that has made it through some strong struggles and come back even stronger. They are raising 6 kids together all under 10 and are working full time careers as an officer and a nurse. They amaze me. It was a very precious day not to mention that Tamara is amazingly beautiful with her long red hair and he is a groom in a uniform. Lucky me to have been able to capture their love.

True love.
Tamara & Joe
sweet flower girls

Brothers bringing in the babes

The bride is coming

Bride & father
Their precious twins
Their sons.
saying I do
lst kiss
Stunning tamara (Flower by Tracy)
Bridal Party
Their family portrait with all of their precious children.
Detail of ring.
Handsome groom in his blues.
Groom has amazing medals.
Portrait of their eldest boy. He looks so much like his father.
Flower girls
Their sweet lil daughter
Their sweet eldest daughter. (sorry I just love all the portraits of their children)
Full beautiful bridal portrait.
Girls during ceremony
lst dance
cake cutting
Beautiful cake by Dirty Girl Doughnuts
Romantic lst dance shot.
Joe dancing with all the kids.
Sunset romantics
Last romantic.

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