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- Laurie Ann

I’m Laurie Ann Martin, a Sonoma County photographer with a love for the outdoors.  In my leisure time, I am either riding my horses,  soaking up the fresh air on a hike , or gardening in my backyard, growing beautiful flowers for the bees. Thanks for stopping by!

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What a cool couple I had for an engagement shoot in the redwoods. Kelly and James had their engagement shoot on their family’s private redwood grove. James grew up on the country homestead and they decided to do the engagement shoot plus their wedding on the same property since it was near and dear to his heart (wedding to follow). I love their hipsters vibe with a 70’s flare.

We travelled around on the property and he told me story’s of his childhood years on the homestead. This engagement shoot in redwoods also had a quaint little pond that sometimes have fish during the winter months. His mother had a beautiful garden where she grew so many gorgeous flowers and still does and his mother still lives on the property. There was also a cool little treehouse that James used to climb up and hang out in when he was a child.

Kelly and James are the perfect match. This couple are both highly educated and Kelly works doing research out of state. They actually were both going to college and that is where they met. Finally, after the wedding they are going to live in the same state as husband and wife!

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