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- Laurie Ann

I’m Laurie Ann Martin, a Sonoma County photographer with a love for the outdoors.  In my leisure time, I am either riding my horses,  soaking up the fresh air on a hike , or gardening in my backyard, growing beautiful flowers for the bees. Thanks for stopping by!

hello + welcome!

Keely and Alex and their adorable little girl gave me the honor of photographing their engagement shoot in the forest in Northern California. The light is always perfect and the flare from the sun behind the mountain and shade make beautiful soft photos.

At lst their sweet little girl was hiding from my camera but towards the end of our photo shoot she came to life and I played the game of did you see that monkey in the forest?! I really felt like I captured the essence of their little family and the love they share.

These two are already married and I photographed the wedding last summer (as you can see a few blog posts back)! I haven’t shared these images but have decided to share them now! These two are a perfect match with so much love, wit and fun! I feel so blessed to have met them and create their memories.

I love photographing in the forest, or in natural settings. Redwood trees, pine forests, and mountains make a beautiful background for engagement sessions. If you are looking for a beautiful setting in natural surroundings and need engagement photos i’d love to create for you. This engagement shoot in the forest in northern California was right up my alley! Enjoy the photos!

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