I have been photographing weddings for 19 years.
 I understand time lines, hustle & bustle of the day, what photos need to be taken and how to get it done in a relaxed enjoyable way. 


And suddenly all the love songs were about

In my own words I feel I can capture a person's soul and who they are inside. I bring an artistic sensibility to my weddings and try to make each one individual. My style is romantic & story telling. I will capture the heartbeat of your wedding. 


That will live in your heart forever...

i will capture the memories


Weddings Are my 

something tells me im going to love him forever

My Guy roy

You are my sunshine

My amazing Children

Two feet move your body four feet move your soul

King & Kiss Me

you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart.

A Daughter is someone

who stole my heart
he calls me mom

theres this boy

a tribute to my great grandparents
santa monica pier

when i was 4